General Medical Practitioners 

Our doctors are committed to providing high quality and sensitive general medical care to ensure positive health outcomes and a positive experience of the health encounter.

The doctors are compassionate and interested in social and cultural impacts on health.

There is emphasis on provision of information to patient's to facilitate the making of informed health decisions 

The doctors maintain skills through ongoing medical education.

Our doctors are sympthetic to the plight of asylum seekers and will provide services even in the absence of medicare cards.

Dr Jenny JobstDr Jenny Jobst

Women's Health (Grad Dip
Sports Medicine in progress)

Jenny has a background of working in community health, with young people experiencing homelessness and with women of NESB.

She moved to private practice and established CCHP with John in 2001.

Jenny is particularly experiened in the area of children's, and women's health. She works pro-actively supporting clients to feel empowered in their lives and about their health. She provides shared antenatal pregnancy care with major Melbourne hospitals. Jenny is a trained counsellor with her counselling informed largely by narrative ideas and she supports those with mental health issues to problem solve and to regain a sense of hope and joy in their lives.


Dr Daniel Strachan

Dr Daniel Strahan


Daniel graduated from the University of Western Australia. He joined the practice in 2012.

Daniel has expertise and a keen interest in all areas of medicine but in particular children's health. He has an engaging manner and is extremely popular amongst both his adult and younger patients.

Daniel has travelled extensively and is savvy about travel medicine.

Daniel has recently completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Melbourne College of Fine Arts


Dr John ColeridgeDr John Coleridge


John has been working in General Practice for the last decade and established the practice in 2001.

John is also a Specialist Emergency Physician and works concurrently in Accident and Emergency as well is in Anaesthetics.  He  holds diplomas in Child Health and Anaesthesiology. He is also a specialist General Practitioner having completed his fellowship in General Practice in 2010.

Given his broad experience he is an asset to General Practice. He performs minor surgical procedures and is experienced in dealing with trauma and acute illness and injuries.


Dr Martin Day



Specialised and Allied Health Practitioners

A number of experienced heath practitioners work independently but alongside our GPs
contributing to integrated and coordinated care.



Claudia Guersenzvaig

Claudia Guersenzvaig

Psychologist/ holistic counselling.

How I work...

My approach is holistic integrating body, mind and spirit in the journey towards wholeness and change.

I work with compassion to support you to discover and listen to your inner truth.
Helping you to reconnect with your body, you will be able to identify your feelings, how to express them and the meaning they hold for you in your life.

Working with each individual client's story, the intention is to reveal the unconscious material, which influences choices made. We explore your family background to understand its impact on your life and to enable you to recover your sense of self.

I specialize in couples counselling.

Through conversation and questions, we identify the belief systems which influence your interpretations of your experiences and your decision-making.

Background & Experience

I am trained as a Gestalt, Psycho dynamic and Family Therapist and have been in private practice since 1985. I have facilitated women's groups in both Melbourne and the USA.

I integrate a Gestalt, systemic, psycho dynamic, cognitive and spiritual approach and employ self-inquiry.


Mary KinchMary Kinch

Sports physiotherapist

Experienced sports physiotherapist working for years as a director of Olympic Sports Medical Clinic and providing 2 sessions per week at CCHP

Expertise in all areas of musculoskeletal injuries and overuse syndromes

Provision of a range of services incuding diagnosis & management of musculoskeletal problems, deep tissue work, rehabilitation, exercises to strengthen and improve flexibility and function

Pilates and Accupuncture


Celia HordenCelia Horden

Clinical Psychologist

Experienced and compassionate psychologist experienced in a range of modalities to assist clients to better understand the problems they face. Celia is experienced in the management of all mental health issues including anxiety and depression.

Celia offers cognitive behavioral therapy, practical problem solving, relaxation strategies and mindfulness

Practice Manager     Jenny Jobst

Office Manager            Efthalia Scheidle

GroupReceptionists           Christine Quirk, Jodie Hart, Efthalia Scheidle, Kitty Coleridge